Autumn Trip to Horley

We had a fantastic day out in Horley today. Clear bright sunshine and lots of adventures. We collected interesting leaves, cones and bark to inspire our next clay project.  We built some amazing dens

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Robot Games !

Today we had fun programming Mrs Taylor to make a sandwich.  We had to give her precise instructions which was really tricky.

We then looked at a robot game and worked out what we would need to do to make it (decomposition).  We were then able to program and test our own robot game.

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Cultural Day

What an amazing experience cultural day was.  We learnt all about the cultures in our classroom, trying lots of different foods from around the world.

We explored what it is that makes us British, and learnt all about the history of Bonfire Night, which is coming up soon.  We created some fantastic firework pictures and wrote about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot.

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival was also a festival from around the world we looked at.  We found out how Chinese people celebrate it, with moon cakes, lion dancing and lanterns.  We even had a lion dance of our own.

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Pen licence

Well done to our first two pen licence holders of the year.  You have shown that you can write neatly and consistently.  You should be very proud.

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This week we have been exploring how sound is made.  We have discovered it is caused by vibrations, and that it decreases as you move further away from the source. We have looked at how the ear works and what can happen if you get a cold.

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We have been practicing our passing skills in PE today.


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National Poetry Day

On National Poetry Day we have had fun learning and performing the poem ‘Gran can you rap?’ by Jack Ousbey

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Where in Europe should Mrs Taylor go on holiday?


I have been a little confused where to go on holiday, so I have asked the class to help me decide by putting together posters of European destinations.  They have researched the weather, currency, attractions and food that I might have there.

They have made a video to try and persuade me to go to their country.




Now where should I go?







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Foods from around Europe

We have been discovering foods from around Europe.

We have tried shortbread, baguettes, olives and scones.  Some of them we liked more than others!

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Welcome to Aspen Class

Welcome to Aspen class.  We have had a great first week settling into our new class.

We have some exciting topics this term and are looking forward to exploring the world around us in Geography, as well as investigating Haiku poems.

Highlight of the week has been Marshmallow Maths!  Here we investigated the the place value of each digit.

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